domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017


During this term pupils in year 6 are taking part in the programme Reading in Pair. We implemented

it 3 year ago, after we were trained by the "Grup de Recerca de Aprenentatge entre iguals" in UAB.
It is an educational programme for improving reading comprehension skills. It is based on peer tutoring, both at school –between pairs of pupils- and, if possible, at home, with a family member.

This is the process:
1st.- The tutor takes the reading home and prepares it during the week.
2nd.- Tutor and tutee sit drown together. The tutor asks the questions in the "before reading" section.

3rd.- The tutor reads.

4th.- The tutor and the tutee read together.

5th.- the tutee reads and the tutor corrects (PPP technique)

6th.- They do the reading comprehension section.

7th.- The groups that finish do the extra activities.

8th.- They evaluate each other.

9th.-  If they have agreed so, the tutor gives a little prize to the tutee. 

10th.- The teacher gives the new reading to the tutee, who now becomes a tutor, for preparing it during the next week